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You’re loyal. We like that. That’s why we created a system for Regulars™, where we ship you your favourite flavours on a regular basis so you’re always stocked up for when a moment calls for one.

✓ Monthly, flexible ordering
✓ 10% off everything, always
✓ Exclusive Merch
✓ Event Invites
✓ Swap, skip, edit, or cancel anytime

The choice is yours, but unlike that tattoo in an unknown language, this decision isn’t permanent. Select your flavours, and we will do the rest!

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The Details

Flexibility Forever
Unlike the leading cellphone carrier, this isn't a binding contract. You can skip, pause, or cancel your Regular™ status at any point and swap or add flavours ’til your heart (and palate) is content.

Something For Something
You buy a lot of sparkling water, you should get something for that! You'll get 10% off sparkling water, plus a few surprises from us!

First Dibs
As a Barbet Regular™, you’ll not only be the first to know about new products and flavour launches, but you will also enjoy early access when they are released. And every now and then we’ll throw in a juicy offer or unexpected surprise to keep things interesting.

Event Invites
Events are back baby! We will occasionally host dinners, picnics, trivia nights and more. You’ll be the first to know, and get discounted priority tickets to all of our events.