Let's rip off those labels. Sometimes people want to drink, sometimes they only want to drink a little, sometimes they don't want to drink at all - whatever you're doing this Jan + Feb, invite us over! 

Explore the possibilities

A collection of information for whatever decision you're making this Jan + Feb. 


Scooch some plans over and make room in your social calendar, because we’re coming in hot and ready to take you out! 


Zero Proof Drink Recipes

A little treat for your tastebuds, these drinks have the complexity of trying to make a plan in a group chat and will show that you aren't missing anything.


Book a table

Just because you're making new decisions, doesn't mean you need to hermit! Book a table and try some zero proof drinks at some of Toronto's best spots.


Take a walk on the dry side

A free-spirited approach to being spirit-free. Whether you’re taking a night off, a week off, or a month off, come take a walk on the dry side with Barbet and see what a night out could look like without alcohol at its core. No experience necessary. 

Event List

Othership x Barbet Social

January 28, 8:30pm
New to Othership? Use BARBET for 15% off Journey Packs

Let Barbet be your wing-human while you redefine what a night out could be like as you drop your guard and immerse yourself between hot and cold at this 120-minute gathering designed to connect with others.

All attendees will get the chance to try one of the Seedlip x Barbet zero-proof drinks.  

Never been to Othership before? Use BARBET at checkout for 15% off Journey Packs (can be used one time per person, new journeyers only)

Reservations are now open: 

Tarot + Bubbles

January 31, 6 - 9pm
The Drake Hotel, Modern Wing
Cost per Reading

Cozy up by the candlelight, share some nibbles, grab a Barbet and let the cards do the talking! Everyone who comes out will get the chance to try one of the Seedlip x Barbet zero-proof drinks.  

The details of the evening: 

  • $15/Reading
  • Complimentary Barbet x Seedlip zero-proof drink (1/person)
  • Lobby bites menu is available
  • Boardgames for added fun (Jenga, Connect4, Checkers - the classics)
  • Graffiti table to draw, doodle or just leave your mark 

Join us in the Modern Wing Living Room. 

Barks & Bubbles with Save Our Scruff

January 29, 1 - 3pm
Unleashed (826 College St)
Free (Charity Event)

Join Save Our Scruff to meet current adoptable pups, and learn how you can help support SOS in 2023!

Save Our Scruff is a non-profit organization located in Toronto dedicated to rescuing dogs from unfortunate situations and finding them safe and suitable permanent homes through adoption, advocacy and education.

Find out more about Save Our Scruff here


Events at a Glance

Jan 10

Suso Skate x Barbet Roller Skating

Jan 18

Self Care: Sauna + Ice Bath Experience

Jan 20

Good Juice Clothing Swap

Jan 22

Good to be Good Peer Support Poster Program

Jan 24

Pasta Making with PASTA FOREVER

Jan 27

Zero Proof Mixology Workshop

Jan 28

Othership x Barbet Social

Jan 31

Tarot + Bubbles

Jan 29

Barks & Bubbles with Save Our Scruff

Feb 8

Pasta Making with PASTA FOREVER

Feb 10

Permanent Vacation Yoga Flow

Feb 21

SHORELINE: The Paddle Against Plastic (Digital Screening)

Feb 25

Othership x Barbet Social

Feb 13

Barbet x Camel Cafe x Soho House Film Screening: Mississippi Masala

Feb 24

Good Juice Box Vintage Clothing Swap - Take Two

Feb 16

Let's Get Trivia

Feb 2

MakeWay: NIKE x Premium Goods AF1 Launch

Zero Proof Drink Recipes

Time to shake things up a bit and set that flavour to 11. Let's stop focusing on what isn't in a persons can or cup, and start asking about what is! Want a great answer to that question? Whip up some of these recipes while you choose your own adventure this January and February.

Garden Love

A rollercoaster of flavour for your tastebuds! To make this ginger forward delight, mix all ingredients together in a rock glass, stir, garnish and serve. 

  • 3oz Barbet Love Bite
  • 1.5oz Seedlip Garden 108
  • 0.75oz Fresh Pressed Lime Juice
  • 0.5oz Raspberry Basil Cordial
  • Dehydrated Lime Garnish

Want to taste this in person? Starting Jan 5, book a table at the Annex Hotel Wine Bar.

Grove Waves

This balanced drink gives 'long walks on the beach' vibes! Add all ingredients to a tall glass and stir then pour into a martini glass, garnish and serve.

  • 3oz Barbet Light Wave
  • 1.5oz Seedlip Grove 42
  • 0.5oz Mango Mint Cordial
  • 0.75oz Fresh Pressed Lemon
  • Dehydrated Lemon Garnish

Want to taste this in person? Starting Jan 5, book a table at the Annex Hotel Wine Bar.

Wild Spice

Live life on the wild side, mix all ingredients together in a coupe class, give a good stir and serve. 

  • 3oz Barbet Wild Card
  • 1.5oz Seedlip Spice 94
  • 1oz Black Pepper Honey Cordial
  • 0.5oz Fresh Pressed Lemon
  • Dried Thai Chili Pepper Garnish

Want to taste this in person? Starting Jan 5, book a table at the Annex Hotel Wine Bar.

Book a table 

Zero proof drinks aren't missing anything, and neither should you! This Jan and Feb, make sure to turn off TV and get out into the world and enjoy the night in the same way you do every other month of the year. 

Annex Hotel

Tucked away off of Brunswick Ave, the lobby at the Annex Hotel features the Barbet x Seedlip drinks in all their glory. 



Located in Toronto’s Leslieville neighborhood, Avling is a farm-to-table restaurant and brewpub that fosters relationships with suppliers who prioritize regenerative production methods and sustainable approaches.


416 Snack Bar

Looking to enjoy a Barbet straight up this Jan and Feb? This cozy never fail Toronto spot serves up our full-flavoured drinks straight up - best paired with a double down or the daily special.