It doesn’t matter why you drink Barbet, how you drink it, or what moment you pair it with. This can is for the impulsive moments of connection, the chance encounters and the experiences along the way.

Watered down,
Water elevated

We believe that flavour is an art, not an ingredient. We bring together surprising ingredients to create a full bodied melody of flavour that’s equal parts bold and refreshing.

Our Story

Not just a pretty can of bubbly

We want to raise the Bar(bet) for more than just sparkling water, so we’ve committed to giving back to the community at large. We’ve partnered with Save Our Scruff, A Greener Future & Good to be Good.

Cheers to change

Barbet Mixtape

Don't let your tastebuds have all the fun. Take a listen to the songs that are moving us.

Our Spotify

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