for the friend you lost in Bali because they jetted off to Japan

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1. Safe Flight Travel Wallet

Stop data thieves and keep all of your important travel documents in one place with Troika's Safe Flight Travel Wallet. This slim travel accessory has twelve compartments for passports, boarding passes, cards, and cash. 

2. Around the World Travel Bag Set

Whether you're traveling the world or just weekending at the cottage, Kikkerland's Travel Bags are a must. 

3. Kinfolk Travel

Explore the art of mindful travel with Kinfolk, the pioneers in “slow living,” their philosophy of simplicity, authenticity, intentionality and community.  

4. Steele Dopp Kit

The roomy & stylish dopp kits are just the right size to comfortably hold your precious traveling essentials. 

5. Travel Stub Diary

You'll never forget the time you almost got arrested in Mexico, your honeymoon in Paris, the cross-country road trip you took after college, and with this Travel Stub Diary you'll be able to relive those adventures again and again. 

6. Puebco Market Tote Bag

Coming in varying sizes, the Market Tote Bag is a heavy weight canvas essential for groceries, laundry and day to day tasks throughout the day.

7. Travel Challenges Card Deck

Expand your travel comfort zone by leaving it to meet people and collect experiences.

8. Beis The On The Go Essential Case

Stop the pre-flight dig with this two-faced travel companion. Designed to keep your beauty essentials organized from take-off to touch-down with an easy-to-carry handle and a mini-mirror.

9. Welly Bamboo Traveler

Minimalist design to elevate the everyday. This triple-walled, vacuum-insulated water bottle comes with a removable infuser to naturally flavor your water and a sleek loop cap that makes it beautifully simple to stay hydrated no matter where the day takes you.

10. Portable Paper Soap

Made from soap with plastic box to bring anywhere and use anytime. Perfect for business Trip, travel, camping, hiking, BBQ or any outdoor activities.

11. PACK-IT™ Reveal Cube Set

Pick up this set of three Pack-It™ Reveal Cubes to keep you organized inside any piece of luggage. Pack clothing and other essentials in these travel organizers, and you’ll be delightfully surprised to no longer sport an over-packed, overweight travel bag. 

12. Madewell Braided Packable Straw Hat

Throw on this breezy, braided straw hat to perfectly complete your sunny-day attire.


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