for the human who has an enviable pantry

Ati Manel

The original Ati Manel began in 1922 and was a robust operation that exemplified the Portuguese tradition of freshly canned seafood. Although the business ended in the late 1950's it has now been brought back to life by his great-grandson, Luís Mendonça, became inspired after chancing upon a collection of weathered canning relics. Recapturing distinct flavours from a bygone era, Luís has sourced high quality seafood for his tins - bringing a rich heritage back to life.

Damien's Hot Sauce

When you take Damien as your spicy new love, you open yourself up to your tastiest life. He will make you feel hot, excited, alive - do strange things to your eggs, and unleash your pizza pie. Be warned: to know Damien is to want him. Because his solemn and humble promise is to change your entire life. He is The One. Have him.