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1. Voyage NO.1 by Reena Mistry - 500 piece puzzle

The leading subject by the pool brings you right into the illustration. Reenan wanted to recreate that feeling of sitting back, legs hanging over the edge, toes dipped into the water with nothing else to think about! Experience this moment while assembling this stunning puzzle by The Great Indoors. 

2. Magazine Cover Puzzles - Sunset

The visual sophistication of magazine covers make these jigsaws from New York Puzzle Company a treat to piece together.

3. Monaco Puzzle

4. Gentlemen's Hardware Wilderness Survival Puzzle

Nothing says "I did it!" like securing the last piece of a puzzle. This unique jigsaw puzzle features tips and tricks for survival in the wilderness making it a great gift for the outdoorsy or a fun activity to do solo or in a group.

5. little puzzle thing - New York Slice

little puzzle thing® jigsaws are miniature puzzles that can be completed in twenty minutes or less. Reward your mind with some off-screen time. 

6. Printworks Dawn Puzzle

A 500-piece puzzle with one of nature’s most challenging motifs – the ever changing beauty of the sky. 


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