for the friend who drinks champagne out of a mason jar

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1. Stackable Coloured Glassware

These very pretty, hand-blown cups get their unique looks from sturdy borosilicate glass, which—with a little wizardry—is transformed into this scrumptiously-colored Hawkins New York drinkware. 

2. Deco Crystal Highball Glasses

Viski's Deco Crystal Highball Glasses are inspired by the elegance of Art Deco architecture and the cocktail culture of the 1920s. 

3. Bubbles Stemless Glasses

Bubbles Stemless Glasses from Final Touch are hand crafted with sleek curves making them easy to hold.

4. Fern Champagne Flute

Fern is a pattern from the mid to late 19th century when botanical designs were very popular. In the Great Houses of England landowners were competing with each other to grow and propagate plants from cuttings brought back from exploration in exotic places.

5. Etched Dream Deco Coupe Glass

The Dream Deco coupe harkens back to the gilded Art Deco age. Its updated shape is hybrid of a traditional coupe and a Nick 'n Nora glass.

Raise a glass for our home and native land with the Canada Pennant Bar Glass! This vintage glass brings a nostalgic vibe to your celebrations and looks positively patriotic alongside the Mountie Tumbler. 

Beautifully coloured hand-blown glass for your drink of choice.  

8. Poseidon Tumbler

Mouth-blown in Italy, the Poseidon glass features gentle rolls that not only feel great in your hand, but they also capture the light for lovely results.  

For a casual drink in the garden, the large dinner party or as the fancy supplement at brunch, the Ripple Wine Glass will complete any setting with its unique expression.