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1. Peperoncini Piccanti

Is any kitchen complete without Terroni's iconic Peperoncini Piccanti? Made from peppers imported from Puglia, Italy, it's the perfect accompaniment to pizzas, pastas and sandwiches.

2. Truff Hot Sauce

What do you get when you combine the pungent umami of truffles with the heat of red chilies and a vinegar kick? Say hello to truffle-infused hot sauce—it’s the kind of flavor combo that has you forehead-smacking and asking, “Why didn’t I think of that?” 



An addition to the Heartbeat Hot Sauce lineup, a slightly milder offering made with fresh jalapeño and fermented serrano peppers to give that signature Heartbeat flavour and perfectly balanced heat.

4. Drake General Store Mustard Ornament

Mustard: now that's a classic condiment. Crafted from felt and finished with playful details, our felt Mustard Ornament brings serious flavour to your holiday festivities. 

5. SALTSPRING Kitchen Winter Wonder Jam

A celebration of strawberries, oranges, cranberries, bourbon, cinnamon, cloves, and a cozy sweetness. 

6. Kitten and the Bear Jam

An elegant, dessert-like preserve, full of red berry sweetness and decadent creaminess. 

7. Gibbs Hot Honey

Perfect on pizza. Fantastic with fried chicken. A bold addition to your breakfast sandwich or buttermilk biscuits.

8. Dawson's Hot Sauce

This sauce is all about the floral nose of habanero with a touch of sweetness.


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