Barbet x Briony

Our objective was to create a can design that not only looks modern and intriguing but also remains relevant to contemporary aesthetics while still having an air of nostalgia. People proudly display alcohol bottles and vessels as a form of home decor, so why should our can be any different?

As a cultural icon when it comes to unapologetically authentic art, we were thrilled to partner with Briony on our first-ever (and highly coveted) can collab. Our goal was to create something beautiful inside and out for people who are just the same, all while giving a little back—every can of this limited edition Love Bite sold will have a portion of proceeds go to the wonderful Ronald McDonald House.

Briony describes the inspiration behind her design: “For me, happiness lies in being unapologetically authentic to yourself in a world where everyone wants to put you in a box. This is inspired by just that, the beauty in being different and unique, with nothing to hide. This artwork demonstrates inclusivity in a society that wants you to conform, the beauty in being different, and the comfort in knowing we all have a seat at the table. For me, the feeling of belonging comes from being accepted with all my quirks, and that is what I am trying to show through this.”

Taking a walk on the dry-side doesn’t have to mean keeping things stale. Enjoy a free-spirited approach to being spirit-free when you see what a night, week, or month looks like when you make the best in-the-moment choice for you. Peruse the full list and choose your own adventure.