Limelight: Forest Hill Farmhouse

Limelight: Forest Hill Farmhouse

What is Forest Hill Farmhouse’s backstory? How did it all start?

I found it very hard to find a salad in the city that I actually enjoyed eating. I love cooking and making different salads myself but the ingredients can be costly to make just one salad. I found myself either making the same salad for a few days in a row or unfortunately throwing out a lot of ingredients. I realized I wasn’t the only one who thought this and that is where the idea for Forest Hill Farmhouse began. I complied my favorite salads that I make at home to then offer to the public while also giving the option to build your own with all the fresh and homemade ingredients we have prepared.

What are two words to describe the atmosphere in Forest Hill Farmhouse?

Cozy & Country. We designed it in a very woodsy feel from the floors to the ceilings to emulate a chic ‘Farmhouse’ look.

If Forest Hill Farmhouse was a fruit, what fruit would it be? 

Apples remind me of the farm feeling we tried to give our space. They are also in our Harvest Heath salad which is delicious with the maples balsamic vinaigrette and smoked gouda.

If Forest Hill Farmhouse could have one person come to their cafe, who would it be (famous or sentimental)?

I think it would be great to see famous Kardashian shake to one of our salads.

Forest Hill summed up in a topping?

Our homemade cornbread croutons. They are crunchy on the outside and soft and sweet on the inside. I think they are a unique addition to a salad just like FH Farmhouse is to the neighborhood.

Forest Hill Farmhouse