Hot Doggin' It

Hot Doggin' It

📸: Gohar World.

Let us be frank: hot dogs are the best summer snack whether covered in mustard (or mayo, you weirdo, but luckily Hellmann's has come to the rescue with their "Mini Mayo Dispenser"), chili or relish.

Hot Dog Summer is making waves on TikTok, infiltrating the design scene, fashion world, and even Times Square. Dive in to witness the hot dog's epic takeover of summer 2024.


📸: Herman Miller.

Herman Miller, a furniture powerhouse, hit the jackpot by cherishing its team and teaming up with top-notch designers. The legendary graphic designer Steve Frykholm whipped up mesmerizing posters for their epic yearly picnics, drawing big names to the party. Fast-forward to today, and these posters, like the Watermelon one, are like rare gems for collectors. And guess what? The sizzling Hot Dog Picnic Poster came back at New York Design Week 2024, proving how this brand continues to shape the world of design and culture.

📸 Gohar World.

Meanwhile, over on Coney Island, Gohar World is also jumping on the hot dog bandwagon, opting to set their latest campaign amidst the aroma of sizzling frankfurters and sea salt. Fashion trends come and go, but hot dogs? They're always in good taste.

Not forgetting the condimenets, Heinz and Kate Spade announced a limited-edition fashion collection that elevates ketchup to haute sauce.


📸: Kate Spade x Heinz.

📸: Lanna Apisukh for The New York Times.

In Times Square, the art installation "Hot Dog In The City" featured a 65-foot-long hotdog suspended in the air, showering rainbow confetti. This oversized creation was crafted by Jen Catron and Paul Outlaw, a married couple of Brooklyn artists known for their interactive, food-themed spectacles that challenge the myths and appeal of American culture.

Hot Dog O'Clock first appeared with artist Masha Chernyakhovskaya at the quirky Jonald Dudd show during NYC Design Week and who would have thought that a humble hotdog could become such a versatile companion? This giant hotdog stool takes the cake (or should we say bun?) as the ultimate table or footrest. 

Hot Dog Drinks?

Hot dogs, the summer's unofficial mascot, are as quintessential to the season as pumpkin spice is to fall's cozy embrace. Now, we've all enjoyed a good dog, nestled in a bun and dolled up with mustard and all the fixings, but drinking it? That thought hadn't even dared to venture into the wild frontier of our imaginations.

Naturally, the idea of a mock-meat-tail might sound like a bridge too far to some. To Christine Wiseman — the beverage director for the bar’s parent company, Bar Lab Hospitality — the drink, Hot Doggin’ It, is a “perfect, well-balanced, delicious cocktail.”

📸: Hot Doggin It at LilliStar at the Moxy Williamsburg.

And lastly, just because who doesn't love a good grilling tip, here are a few techniques sure to wow your fellow hot dog enthusiasts. 

Grilling Hot Dogs: An Unforeseen Technique

Hot dogs are the handheld heroes of every BBQ, the sizzling stars of every ball game. Simplicity is their secret weapon, a canvas just waiting for the colorful splashes of ketchup and mustard or, if you're feeling fancy, a dollop of gourmet relish.

The first step in whipping up a hot dog masterpiece is to freeze it into a rock-solid state. A viral video, with views skyrocketing into the millions in just a month, reveals the secret: shaving the frozen hot dog with a veggie peeler and air-frying it into delightful, springy spirals.

If you're feeling fancy, twist them into cute spirals, go for a criss-cross pattern, or sprinkle some fish-scale magic on top.

Do you want to know what pairs best with a hot dog on a warm, summer day? Barbet. Stock up now for summer.