Essential Equipment For the Well-Stocked Home Bartender

Essential Equipment For the Well-Stocked Home Bartender

The art of the skilled mixologist is based on easy-to-follow principles that can set (almost) anyone on the right track to producing an impressive range of cocktails and mixed drinks.

If you have more experience drinking cocktails (zero-proof or otherwise) than making them, stocking the right barware can be intimidating, but we are here to help with a list of essential equipment for the well-stocked home bartender.

Cocktail Shaker

Cocktail shakers come in several sizes; choose one that can hold at least 16 ounces. Also important is a double lid with a strainer. Strainers are essential here.

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Mixing Glass

This is for stirred cocktails. You can use any large container or pitcher, or you can buy professional mixing classes if you really want to get fancy.

1. The Modern Bartender | 2. General Cocktail Co.


As addressed above, a bar or Hawthorn strainer is the perfect tool to prevent ice and other ingredients from being poured from the shaker or mixing glass into the serving glass.

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Bar Spoon

Make sure it has long handles.

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What a name! This hourglass-shaped cocktail measuring device often has a standard “jigger” or measure of 1.5 ounces on one hand and 1 ounce or a “pony” on the other. Good to remember and impress your friends or get a Jeopardy question right; 1 fluid ounce is the same as two tablespoons. It is all about proportion here, not the specific quantities, so eyeball it out of your dog's water bowl if you need to; just make sure you stay consistent.


Now this is where you start to look like you know what you are doing. This crusher/masher can muddle those herbs at the bottom of a glass.

Also Useful:


  1. For a shaken drink, use empty jars or a thermos flask.
  2. For measuring spoons/cups and for stirring, use the back of a wooden ladle or spoon.