Call it what you want; just don't call it a mocktail.

Call it what you want; just don't call it a mocktail.

Forget "mocktail" - that word has no business in the vocabulary of adults. Cocktails aren't just about the buzz; they're about connection, celebration, and savoring something special. "Mocktail" sounds like it's missing out, being all judgy and exclusive. It's like trying too hard to fit in, a wannabe in a fancy glass with a cherry next to the chicken tenders on the menu. Let's ditch the "mocktail" label - these drinks are stars in their own right.

What we are trying to say is that giving up alcohol, whether for a short time (a common resolution at the beginning of the year) or permanently, doesn't have to equate to missing out on the other, and possibly more profound, joys of bar culture: community and conversation. While it may be simpler — and perhaps more cost-effective — to drink at home, the allure of bars lies in the presence of others and the connections we make, which, for many, hold more significance than the drinks themselves.

Now this is an interesting read...

Victoria Watters took a deep dive into the captivating realm of commensality, where breaking bread together has been the glue holding societies together for centuries. From yesteryears to today, gathering around food and drinks has been the secret sauce in forging connections, fostering bonds, and creating a sense of togetherness. As social beings, we flourish in these deliciously shared experiences.

Nonalcoholic spirits aren’t just about enabling these rituals and savoring complex flavours for their own sake. According to VinePair, well-balanced, rewarding nonalcoholic drinks are experiencing a boom: 52 percent of drinkers say they are replacing alcohol with nonalcoholic beverages, a recent consumer survey found, while some 49 percent of bartenders are curious about nonalcoholic cocktails, according to the Bacardi 2023 Cocktail Trends Report.

The teetotaler scene is buzzing, offering a diverse range of options to join the drinking fun. Whether it's spiritless, zero-proof, or just good ol' temperance, sitting at a bar with a fancy cocktail is like sipping on a little piece of magic. We like to think our three dazzling options tick all the boxes, but please hold the mocktail label - our beauties are the real deal.