22 Q's: Meet Andrea Grand

22 Q's: Meet Andrea Grand

As her sister and fellow co-founder, I can tell you that Andrea is the first person I would call for anything. Flat tire? She'd figure it out. Need help finding the calamansi order? It won't be lost for long. Toddler having a meltdown? She's there. Read more below as Andrea kicks off our new 22-Question quickfire series.

1. Favourite work of art?

I recently met Celia Lees and love her large scale, abstract pieces. 

2. Favourite escape?

Anywhere by water. 

3. Indulgence?

Chocolate and peanut butter anything.

4. Wake-up time?

7am, and not a second longer or I’ll hear about it from my dog.

5. Last meal?

Sugo - rigatoni, garlic bread and tiramisu.

6. First thing on your to-do list?

Make my to-do list.

7. Night in/out?

Depends on my mood! Because I work from home alone most of the time, I like to get out but that doesn’t always mean to restaurants or bars. It could be catching up in a friends backyard, at a concert or playing tennis. 

8. What’s the one thing you wish you knew at age 19?

No one has it figured out! 

9. Window or aisle seat?

Aisle all the way.

10. Piece of advice?

Don’t leave to tomorrow what can be done today.

11. What is your favorite ice cream flavour?


12. Current song on repeat?

I remember everything by Zach Bryan and Kacey Musgraves.

13. Game?


14. Vintage or new?

A mix of both! I love everything from Shoppe Clover.

15. Trend you would like to see disappear forever?

Low rise jeans/pants.

16. Dinner party shortcut?

Appetizer or board party! Everyone brings something they love to share. I’d rather graze than have one large meal. For your decor, cover the table in paper and draw or paint on it to create table settings, label food or just to add some design. It also makes for easy clean-up! Matilda Bea does this perfectly here

17. Follow a recipe or play it by ear?

Depends! If cooking for myself, it is play it by ear (or year!) but if I’m going to have to subject someone else to my cooking than it is recipe all the way. 

18. First thing you would grab in a fire?

My dog and my memory box (yes, I have a memory box).

19. Last person you FaceTimed with?

My sister and my new nephew.

20. Always in your fridge?

Capers and pickled red onions.

21. A go-to excuse to get out of a social event?

Not mine, but my brother likes to tell me he has to walk his gold fish.

22. Last impulse purchase?

A projector to watch movies.