22 Q's: Meet Spencer Badu

22 Q's: Meet Spencer Badu

Spencer Badu's new spring collection is here and launching on Thursday, so naturally we thought he wouldn't be busy and this would be the best time to sit down with him (kidding, he is very busy and was kind enough to give us a peak behind the scenes). Welcoming us into his Toronto studio, Spencer is the guy who doesn't just play the fashion game but sets the damn rules. Born in Ghana, but now claiming Toronto as his turf, Spencer's style is a blend of culture, style, and community. No fluff, just the real deal.

1. Where are you from, and where is home now?

I'm from GHANA but I was born in Toronto. Toronto is currently home.

2. Describe your work in three (or however many) words. 

Culture, style & Community.  

Spencer Badu Spring Collection

3. What does juxtaposition mean to you?

For me, it means to clash opposites. 

4. How do you drink/dress up your Barbet? 

Usually, when I drink Barbet, I’m out. So I never really “dress it up”. I’m a simple guy; I think on the rocks or straight up. But cold, for sure. 

5. What do you need surrounding you to be able to work?

Either good music or complete silence.  

6. We have heard that the Bauhaus movement has influenced your work. Tell us more. 

I love their approval of design, unconventional thinking and use of colour. 

7. What’s the last thing you changed your mind about?

Honestly, nothing comes to mind. 

8. What is the textile that you are consistently drawn to time and time again?

Really good denim or cotton twill. 


9. What item in your wardrobe makes you feel most like yourself?

A good pair of pants these days.

10. What is one thing you would never be caught dead wearing?

Big pants. 

11. What do you think about when you get dressed in the morning? Do you start from the shoes and then work your way up, or clothes and then down? 

Top-down, shoes are last but they come into consideration.


12. What’s a must-have clothing item everyone should own? 

A must-have clothing item would be a jacket. For me, that would either be a trench or a bomber jacket. It completes any outfit.

13. Name three places that are guaranteed sources of inspiration for you.

  • London
  • Toronto Library
  • My Studio

14. Thoughts on double denim, also affectionately known as the Canadian tuxedo? 

I approve, it's actually iconic. 


15. What at-home bar tools do you consider necessities?

A shaker.  

16. If you are trying to impress someone, or just want to get fancy, what is your go-to glassware of choice?

Out of the budget but baccarat glass. 


17. What’s your best piece of life advice? 

My best piece of advice is to play your own game. What I mean by that is, in a world where we often compare ourselves to others and measure our success by their standards or metrics, it's important to take a step back and focus on doing your own thing. I find that makes life more fulfilling, rewarding, and ultimately, happier.

18. What do you think is the most exciting fashion moment happening right now?

The emergence of owner-creator brands blowing up all around the world.


19. Name three things on your bucket list.

  • G-Wagon. 
  • Donald Judd Furniture.
  • First-class trip to Japan. 

20. What’s your favourite Barbet flavour?

Light Wave. 

21. Famous last words?

The people you meet on your way up are the same people you meet on the way down.

22. What would you say is the greatest fashion trend of all time? 

Long oversized white t-shirts. 


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