22 Qs - Lisa Mok | Lune

22 Qs - Lisa Mok | Lune

Lune embodies the vision of Lisa Mok, a creative director and graphic designer based in Toronto. Lisa's aesthetic stems from her deep understanding of what captures our attention, what we desire to wear, and what inspires us in each moment. With Lune, Lisa is not just designing; she's creating full-on experiences, telling stories through visuals, and transforming our homes and lifestyles into works of art.

The meaning of tableau originates from Old French, translating to “picture; a vivid living scene”. A tableau vivant, as they say, is a living picture. A scene so beautifully realized, it comes to life before your eyes. By reshaping the concept of living fully and beautifully, The Lune Tableau Collection was born to celebrate moments gathered and connections yet to be shared.

1. Where are you from, and where is home now?

I'm from Saskatoon but home is wherever my husband is. 

2. When you think of your ideal day, where are you, and what are you doing?

At an outdoor movie theatre in Majorca. I love movies and I love Majorca. 

3. What is your dream project to work on? If you could work with anyone on it, who would it be?

I would love to design a tablecloth with Daniel Rosenberry. 

4. Imagine your dream dinner party. What’s on the table?

Vintage glassware everywhere. 


5. What’s a piece of advice that lives in your head rent-free?

You're never as young as you are right now.  

6. What's one thing you'll never get rid of in your closet?

Heel grips.

7. What grinds your gears creatively?

Bad typography.

8. What would you be if you could associate yourself with one design movement?

If a Surrealist and a Brutalist had a baby = THAT movement.

9. If you could time warp yourself to any point in history, when would it be, who would you hang out with?

1930's hanging out with Elsa Schiaparelli.  

10. Give us an example of a design, movie, book, or experience from growing up that has shaped how you work and create now.

Interiors by Woody Allen. From an art direction standpoint, the film is not only a masterpiece in styling and frame composition but creative restraint — a skillset on its own and something I try to practice in everything I do. 

11. It’s a table for two, and you can have your dinner date with anyone. Who are you dining with?

Tilda Swinton.

12. Do you have a #1 cheese for a cheese board?

I love a good baked brie.

13. What's your latest curiosity, and how are you following it?

Draping forms. Wrapping everything I can and seeing how materials interact with the object. I find it almost therapeutic and so elegant to work with. 

14. What is the best road trip you've ever been on?


15. What’s something you could eat for a week straight?

Ice cream. 

16. What's one thing you always either recommend or gift?


17. What is your favourite way to drink Barbet and what is your favourite flavour? {mixed, straight-up, glassware choice, etc} 

Love Bite is my favourite. Straight up on ice in a vintage tumbler of course with a slice of grapefruit. 

18. What rituals do you have that freshen your perspective and motivation when you are in a creative slump?

I go for a long drive.

19. What are some visual references that influence both your work and style?

Life, in general, is my visual reference – a living moodboard. Everything I see, touch, smell, the conversations I get to have, the people I get to meet… all influence the way I see things, what I want to create and how I want people to feel when I do it. It's such a privilege to be surrounded by so much and I'm extremely grateful. 

20. Imagine perfect happiness. What does it smell, taste, feel, and sound like?

Happiness smells like lemon creme

Happiness tastes refreshing

Happiness feels like a hug 

Happiness sounds like rain  

21. Who are some local artists, creators, and designers that make you excited about?

Neroli Designs

Chloe from Neroli Designs is a talent just waiting to be recognized globally. Her spatial and textural sensibility and the way she uses organic materials is so visually calming and beautifully simple. 


I recently got the opportunity to work with the founders of Loversland (Danielle and Yvonne) on their latest campaign for their new private label collection. Their vision for bridal wear will really disrupt the traditional norms of what bridal has been and where it can go and at the same time, help individuals embrace their individuality. 

1999 Beauty

1999 Beauty is a Toronto born beauty brand started up by 2 women - Camille and Stephanie - with the ideology that there should not be any standard beauty 'norms' on how one is supposed to look, how one should age and how we should use make up – allowing individuals to create their own definition of what beauty is to them. Their brand is bold, unapologetic and empowering. 

22. Tell us about the Tableau collection. Where did you get the idea and why did you want to do it?

For the past few years we’ve searched for the perfect table covering. Coming up empty handed, we began using fabrics – some new, some recycled – to create immersive, sweeping tablescapes that weave in magical narratives of drama, joy and fantasy. Each design is inspired by some of the most beautiful silhouettes in fashion, art and design; extending the canvas beyond every table. 


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