Create Freely

Barbet | Drink Freely | Create Freely. 
**but not for free, we will pay you**

Each can is an experience captured in the moments people are choosing to include them in. 

As a brand that celebrates individuality, connection, community, inclusivity and choice, we want to put the power of the lens into photographers hands. 

While our voice is small now, we want to lift up and celebrate creators by always providing credit, even when paid, paying for artists’ work and having diverse voices (or in this case, eyes) around the table.

Each month we would like to license 2 - 3 images from photographers to use on our channels.

Collection of Inclusion: We believe in the power and beauty of diversity. 

  • Limited retouching 
  • Diversity in faces and spaces
  • Visual representation of gender, races, relationships, religion, body-types, ages, disabilities 
  • Juxtaposition. We like the ‘abnormal’ in the ‘normal’ (though really, what is normal?)

Please email to submit your photos.